Zack: He constantly drops his tampons from his purple purse into his boots.

Steve: He engineered his own titanium whips that shoot electricity and can turn into nunchucks, SO WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!?!!?

Zack: When the mafia really needs somebody whipped they call whip expert Mark Scarlotti. *Pushes picture across table* "He designs his own whips."

Steve: "Don Cabrisi wants the bank job done clean. No more innocent people dying. That means no guns."

Zack: "The plan is we go in with whips, crack them, flip our capes around, then fill our purses with as much money as we can. Which isn't gonna be a lot because we need to carry batteries for our whips."

Steve: Cut to the next day when Action 5 News is doing their story about "The Gay Bank Heist."

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