Zack: God damn it, Tina! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get replacement headlights for an '87 Escort in primitive reality?

Steve: That looks more like a Delorean.

Steve: Marty, you have to go to the skeleton ape dance and teach them to play electric guitar or you'll never be born.

Zack: "Whatever you do, Marty, don't bang the triceratops. That is your ancient ancestor and you need to set her up with the lemure."

Steve: Primitive reality does look pretty crappy. You've got a lot on your plate to worry about.

Zack: Not to mention what appears to be going on in the background. Dinosaurs did 9/11.

Steve: Holy crap, you're right. That looks like the World Trade Center.

Zack: A second pterodactyl has just crashed into the building.

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