Steve: You enter a chamber of great riches and treasures. "Ha ha ha! I see you have made it this far, adventurer! My trap has worked." It's Keraptis, alive after all these years.

Zack: If you call this living. This place is a dump.

Steve: "I'm happy with it."

Zack: I guess you can get used to anything. I've seen better dungeons come out the tail end of a purple worm, you little hair-foot.

Steve: He seems pretty mad.

Zack: Good! I'm sick of his shit. He built a dungeon in an active volcano and fills it with a bunch of monsters and complicated traps, why?

Steve: "Ha ha ha! For my amusement!"

Zack: The old, "Dance for me, my puppets." I'm going to cast Blindness on him, then I'm going to grab the magic weapons that I guess was why I came here, and then I'm going to throw this guy to the manticores.

Steve: I thought Buddy Jones was non-violent?

Zack: He was, but everyone has their breaking point.

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