One Size Fits All Award

Steve: What's wrong with a giant centipede? That's a solid monster.

Zack: I agree. Centipedes are creepy as hell. A giant one makes for a great monster. That's why they included it in the first Monster Manual.

Steve: Ohhhh, yeah, I remember that.

Zack: Yeah, this is some bullshit right here. A "huge" and a "megalo" centipede.

Steve: That's still not so bad. Maybe your group likes fighting centipedes but the giant ones aren't tough enough so you use the megalo ones. Those are bigger, right? I know huge is smaller, but I don't remember megalo on my size chart.

Zack: I'm not sure, but to help you figure things out they have cleverly given you the size for the creatures: Small and Medium. So the huge is small and the megalo centipede is medium.

Steve: How big is the giant centipede?

Zack: Small.

Steve: So it's the same size as the huge one?

Zack: No, that one is twice as big. One foot long versus six inches.

Steve: So the giant centipede is six inches long?

Zack: The huge centipede is six inches.

Steve: Maybe I'll stick to regular sized centipedes. How big are they?

Zack: Big. There were some huge ones at my old apartment. I saw an enormous bastard climbing up the wall once.

Steve: An enormous one? How big was that?

Zack: Like two or three inches. What's that in D&D sizes?

Steve: Tiny.

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