Advanced Devils & Dinosaurs

Zack: Steve, I think we need to take a minute to talk about devils, demons, and dinosaurs.

Steve: Sure. Three sweet things that totally rule. Continue.

Zack: Rule or not, don't you think that they're a bit of a crutch in these books?

Steve: What? No way!

Zack: The first Monster Manual had seven or eight pages of dinosaurs and so does this book. The same with the devils. There are even more demons, plus a whole new type of thing called "daemons" that are just demons with an "a" added in to give them more pomp and circumstance I guess.

Steve: Supply and demand, buddy.

Zack: What does that even mean!?

Steve: We live in a Christian nation. The Founding Fathers had it in the Constitution.

Zack: No.

Steve: In God We Trust.

Zack: That's money.

Steve: Praise God.

Zack: No, definitely not.

Steve: My point is for America the monsters we fear are devils and demons. The bad guys of Christianity. But they can't just come right out and use Satan so they use all these other dudes like titivilus and moloch. Those are real guys.

Zack: Real mythological.

Steve: Yeah, right. And of course dinosaurs, those just rule and are real not even myth. So you can see why people would be clamoring for more of both.

Zack: TSR has to give them what they want.

Steve: Right.

Zack: More giant herbivores from the Triassic and a confusing web of hell's minor royalty?

Steve: I'm glad I'm not you. I can't imagine the point of living without being able to enjoy a camptosaurus.

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