Zack: Squats are probably the most famous of the lost races. Here you can see one of the many reasons why.

Steve: What, was "being awesome as hell" one of the reasons why they got rid of them? Look at how cool those dudes are. They even gave them a color picture they were so badass.

Zack: Being a little fat dwarf is a disability.

Steve: That's racist. Or sub-racist. I don't know what to call it.

Zack: Defend the Squats at your own peril dude. Rogue Trader is littered with pictures of them holding hoverboards and looking like doofuses.

Steve: Are you kidding me? I want to visit the Slam Sector now. Slam Sector is the coolest.

Zack: Believe it or not, they actually got less cool in later books. They were walking around in suits of armor that looked like they could not possibly walk.

Steve: You don't have to walk when you can strut.

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