Zack: The Rogue Trader approach to orks was just to add as many details as possible whether or not it made any sense whatsoever.

Steve: That is like the best belt buckle ever made. If they sold that belt buckle they could retire with all their figurines and just live large. Go on vacation.

Zack: I believe they call it "on holiday" in the UK. The War on Christmas has spread to Old Blighty.

Steve: Dang, even his sunglasses and hat are awesome. And he's got like a coffee maker backpack.

Zack: He looks like he just had an idea and it was about baby alien skulls.

Steve: Characters were just more, I don't know, characterful back in this book.

Zack: Not to mention all the sweet aliens they cut out of the book. Like the Slann. Remember those?

Steve: Not really, but I bet they were awesome.

Zack: Hell yeah, of course. They were an ancient race of frog dudes and their theme was "Aztec warriors," which I guess they got from that scene in Holy Mountain where they blow up frogs with firecrackers.

Steve: Whatever that means, any game can use more frog warriors.

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