Steve: That wasn't so bad, we managed to get through it in one!

Zack: Well, it was super fucking bad, Steve, but I have some bad news. I'm about to go District 9 on our readers.

Steve: I don't know what that means? Are you gonna shoot them with a lightning bolt and make them explode?

Zack: No, I'm going to tell them at the end that all of this was just prologue for the next WTF, D&D!? where we tackle an even worse book.

Steve: Even I find that doubtful.

Zack: White Wolf, 1995. Contenders.

Steve: Oh God!

Zack: That's right, a motherfucking Street Fighter Monster Manual!

Steve: Noooo!

Zack: Yesss! Unless White Wolf and Capcom send us 1,000,000 dollars the next WTF, D&D!? will be covering the worst book from one of the worst roleplaying games of all time...and it will be all their fault.

Steve: Save us!

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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