Zack: I wonder if there were ever any Street Fighter LARPers.

Steve: No, but I just had an awesome thought.

Zack: I seriously doubt that, but go ahead.

Steve: I was just thinking, this is pretty much just White Wolf's World of Darkness, right? Same rules as Werewolf and Vampire?

Zack: Looks like it. Same stats and bubble sheet.

Steve: So what's stopping us from making Street Fighters for World of Darkness?

Zack: There are a lot of things stopping that, but I've got to admit, if I were ever trapped in a windowless room and forced to play World of Darkness I would have to seriously consider the idea.

Steve: I know, right? It's awesome! Think about the possibilities of having stretchy arms and shock attacks.

Zack: It would be admittedly sweet to jump into one of those Vampire games where the dudes are all playing the politics of vampire society super seriously and wearing capes to the game and lighting candles and stuff and straight up rock their world with some Zangief.

Steve: E. Honda would slap the crap out of some goths, dude.

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