I would almost feel sorry for this guy if he weren't a spammer.

Subject: 1998 SOFTWARE 4 SALE
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 14:45:04 -0800
From: Jay

BRAND NEW !!!!! ALL FOR JUST $ 39.99


1998 GROLIERS ENCYCLOPEDIA - with multiplex videos, interactivities, guided tours and interactive maps, more multimedia!

CHESS MASTER 5000 - The world's best selling chess program with dazzling graphics, 60 opening books, 30 personalities customized to simulate play of famous Grand Masters.

CATZ - Catz lives on your computer desktop and enjoy being petted, teased, and stroked.

MAVIS TEACHES TYPING 5.0 - This program actually responds to student's keyboard patterns and customizes each lesson to fit particular needs.

A.D.A.M. - Explore the body yer by layer with detailed medical illustrations and fascinating animations .

PRINTMASTER GOLD - Create cool greeting cards, calendars, banners, signs and posters for business or for your friends and family.

US ATLAS & ALMANAC - A one-stop reference tool for students of all ages.

WORLD ATLAS & ALMANAC - See the world's unique geography in full 3D.

CYBERSPEED - High tech, high velocity motor race through a superfast, ultra smooth arcade environment. Zoom around nine futuristic courses at supersonic speeds.

THE ANIMALS! 2.0 - Take an exlusive journey into the fascinating and mysterious animal kingdom!

(Boy, almost sounds TOO GOOD to be true! Kind of like somebody bought a new computer and burned a CD of the software bundle that came with it. The desktop cat program sounds wonderful, since I'm sure Visual C++ can replicate exactly the cold indifference cats have for all mankind)

To: Jay
Subject: Re: 1998 SOFTWARE 4 SALE

Hello Jay, I read your ad, and think that software deal is pretty neat, but I'm looking for a specific piece of software, and hope you might have it. It's called, "Professor Mora's Dungeon Chase" and it was made in Japan and translated to Mexican. It's an educational game, for kids 3-11 that teaches them about dinosaurs, the periodic table, space, and cooking. The player controls a "goru-robot" around this cemetary and you have to click on these vegetables growing out of the ground. Each click brings up a question, and if you answer right you get 100 "Bonshioto Credits" which are like points, except you use them to buy these magic teeth things, which are used in the later levels of the game. Have you heard of this software? I feel that my 3 year old will need some educational software soon, and this will be quite helpful. I think it was made by "HareSoft".

Thanks in advance!


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