Dr. Thorpenstein: Ooh, yeah. I can get into that. It's the sexy, specifically male version of a chicken.

Zackula: No licensed characters here, just the raw eroticism of a rooster translated flawlessly into a skirt and leggings.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Oh no, did Tara show up in her sexy specifically a male horse costume? She's going to get ALL the boys, flopping its big polyester horse dong around like that.

Dr. Thorpenstein: What's up, boys? I don't produce any eggs and I'm ready to wake you up early.

Zackula: Awww you wanted to sleep in? Get your scramble on? Too bad, this heartbreaker is here to fight with razors tied to her talons.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Come over here, fella, my meat is stringy and gamy and I just wanna chase you around the yard.

Zackula: I can't wait to have kids with you so I can jump at their faces and claw out their eyes.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Wanna get out of here, big boy? Let's take a dustbath in a Mexican guy's yard.

Zackula: You think I look hot now, wait until you see guys betting on me in the back of a taqueria that was closed because of a shooting.

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