Oh no, The Dungeon Master has consumed all the 30 sided dice, I guess it's game over for all the beefy gnomes in Magical Fairy Fuckoland. I'm fairly certain the Dungeon Master ate the blue dragon too.

Michael Roberts. One day he might be promoted to be the manager of the local West Appleton Burgerama, but that's only assuming scientists figure out a way to revive people who have been beaten to death with a garden rake after I caught them trying to steal some of my bushes. Nobody gets near my bushes or else you'll be chewing on your own ribcage all the way down into your funeral plot, you whimpering deadbeats.

Before you take a crap in an Appleton City public restroom, make sure you check under the seat for Butch "Brownhead" Meyers. I don't know how the hell he got into the sewer system to begin with, but I'm fairly sure that I'm responsible in some way.

Chuck Glorbankowitz demonstrates how to perform plastic surgery on yourself by only using a cutting knife. He also demonstrates how to fail performing plastic surgery on yourself by only using a cutting knife, as you can see by this photo.


An Appleton City Community College Bathroom Party. I think Butch "Brownhead" Meyers showed up during the festivities, at least that's what I hope explains the smears on the walls.