Zack: You will probably never see a girl wearing this costume. It will always be frat guys or the crrrrrazzzy guy from the office who gets fired after the office Halloween party.

Dr. Thorpe: This is one of those costumes where drunk guys at the Halloween party grab her big fake boobs "as a joke" but really it's just an excuse to grab something that's kind of like a boob, and to just about any guy, that's three-quarters as good as the real thing.

Zack: I like how they had to incorporate a ribbon describing the costume in case you didn't grasp its subtle message.

Dr. Thorpe: It's like a Batman costume that says "BATMAN" on it. It's age-old Halloween tradition. The sash probably should have said "I LOVE ATTENTION" though.

Zack: This is the cheap, disposable and ham-fisted modern version of those ancient fertility goddesses with the huge breasts and big stomachs. An even moderately attractive woman walking into a party with these things might as well be the queen releasing the mating pheromones in an ant colony.

Dr. Thorpe: The great thing about Halloween costumes is that when people go crazy, they don't care about what they're wearing. So someday you're going to see a homeless, ranting bag lady wearing this costume because the padding makes it warm.

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