Zack:What, were they all out of denim jewelry at the jean barn?

Dr. Thorpe:The belt and the pockets make that outfit look so much like an adorable smiling face that my brain can't process it any other way.

Zack:It's like some sort of leering denim snake or something.

Zack:The belt is there in case her entire outfit starts to melt off of her body like ice cream. I think it's holding up her shirt. I like the collar though, it's got sort of a country and western warlock feel to it.

Dr. Thorpe:I can't picture someone deciding that it would be okay to go out looking like that. Maybe that's what she wears under her clothes. It's like skin-tight denim long johns.

Zack:Maybe she didn't pick it. Maybe the denim snake is trying to eat her.

Dr. Thorpe:Hey, maybe she's about to shed her skin and that's what it looks like when it's halfway sloughed off.

Zack:Is that how black people do it? I'll have to ask my cultural sensitivity teacher about it. We haven't gotten to the lifecycle of the negro yet.

Dr. Thorpe:She's coming out of the larval state. Soon she shall grow her velour track cocoon.

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