Most Supportive of the Troops

Terminator lance missiles cycloen by Artorius

People playing miniatures games and converting miniatures and painting miniatures sometimes forget that our troops are fighting and dying in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Georgia. Just because we've been fighting everybody for a long time doesn't mean we can slack now in our patriotism. If anything, it means we have to be more patriotic to honor sacrifices. Whatever side you're on you should be patriotic for the troops. Artorius did a great job, but it was a thin field this year and you miniature painters should be ashamed of yourselves.

Grand Golden Hotbabe Trophy

The Black Widows Chapter by Doctor Thunder

Congratulations to this year's Grand Golden Hotbabe Trophy winner, Doctor Thunder, for his Warhammer 40,000 chapter The Black Widows. What Doctor Thunder has accomplished is nothing short of amazing and we here at the Golden Hotbabes feel it is a travesty he has not been honored by Games Workshop.

Doctor Thunder has successfully created the first all-hot babe Space Marines chapter for Warhammer 40,000. The imagination and innovation it takes to combine hot babes with Space Marines is a recipe for miniature greatness.

How did Doctor Thunder accomplish this incredible feat of creativity? He hand-sculpted more than 100 boobs for every miniature in his army.

Space marines already max out the badassness scale and the paint work really tops the sweetness scale, but the awesome power of boobs on marines cannot be ignored any longer. He even built a Dreadnought with boobs. In honor of his achievement, we are pleased to give this 2008 Grand Golden Hotbabe Trophy to Doctor Thunder.

– Steve "Malak" Sumner

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