Post Your Favorite exists because we needed a place for people to post their opinions about every little thing. Well, I think it's just great! What's crackin', Zero Star?

PYF "Little Things" - It's the simple things that make life worth living.

Images Thread 2000 - Got a random/hilarious/intriguing image? Post it here.

Post what you want to buy/ cool things - What's on YOUR "must-have" list?

Batman's Shameful Secret is our forum all about comic books and "graphic novels" (which is just a fancy way of saying "comic books for people who think they're smart"). What up with it, muscles like this?

Galactus has gas Actually according to a stupid report from a stupid website Galactus in the new Fantastic Four movie coming out this summer will be a giant cloud of gas. Or something, man that sounds stupid and BSS agrees.

Why are murderous superheroes stigmatised? Its D&DSS all up in this thread. While there are many story reasons there is only one true answer. Check inside to find out!

World War Hulk anticipation Thread-- The future of the MU This year's big summer event is the Incredible Hulk returning to Earth and going all crazy. Yes, the Hulk was in space. Yes, he has a good reason for going to war with superheroes. Really, if you're going to ask all of these questions just go buy the Planet Hulk storyline. Its quite good.

The X-Men are jerks: Second year NMR gives a rundown of early X-Men stories which are frankly batshit crazy.

Science, Philosophy & Education is where the smarty-farty-bo-barty cool kids like to post and think that they're so smart. Well, I've got news for them: They're not! Booya! QuantumCat's been kickin' it in there and holding it up for us.

Chromatography, separation, and lots of crying -- general discussion - An instructive thread for all chemist goons to share their experiences with the technique of chromatography.

Reading Hegel - Some philosophy, with recommendations on how to get started with Hegel.

Cosmic evolution and thermodynamics? - A discussion about the laws of Thermodynamics, and more generally about statistical mechanics.

General Bullshit (as presented by my main man SpecialOlympian) is our delightfully general forum with as many interesting facets as wadded-up chunks of Chinese newspapers.

Invasive Species: Too Hot for the Fish and Wildlife Service! - Abugadu shares with us a series of hyper sexualized government funded public service announcements for Hawaii. Please do use extreme caution whilst handling the brown tree snake.

'Grindhouse' Classy Movies [potentially NWS] - Spacemountain set the bar so high with his start image that only greatness could follow. Lowtax is offering a prize to the best submission and bans to people who submit crap.

4 months on small island in Pacific - Daemon.eVolution tells everyone about his trip to a small pacific island. Links to pictures in the OP. Daemon answers questions and posts updates on pages 3, 4, and 5.

The Worst Shower in History / illustrated! - Mouse Has Knife relates the story of a near death experience in the shower. On page 3, Ana shows us the most evil shower in the world. If you can't get enough bathroom drama check out this thread from a previous update.

Spring ghost story thread of 07 - Rikimaru breaks out the guit-box around the old camp fire and rattles us with a few good yarns. Links to stories from previous threads in the OP.

Guido picture laughorama - Djentifry shows SA the East coast phenomenon that is Guidos. The sheer volume of hilarious pictures make it difficult to choose, but Tech's .gif and iopred's photoshop pretty much sum things up. Necrofiche shows us how to dance like a guido. If you can't get enough of guidos, check out the Lee Hotti saga, which also shows the original image iopred used. I can't even tell the difference!

Matter Energy Conversion Experiment: F4A90 - Microwave paints a vivid fantasy world where an intrepid scientist spreads the gosple of pants with his apostle the Deathcopter. Updates on almost every page.

Once you've mastered the art of making your pets not die, you may want to move onto more advanced techniques such as making them not crap all over the place. The pet freaks in Pet Island are always around to help with that kind of unattainable voodoo. Po' it up, light_urple.

Oh jeebus, I'm soooooo pregnant - with kittens!!! - yawnie is a sucker for rescues. If you enjoyed "Oh jeebus, I'm sooooooo pregnant" with Fern and the Fronds, and you enjoy cuddily-wuddily kitten pictures, you'll love this thread!

I am sad. I need babies!!! - supercheesy creates this week's "Help, PI, I feel like crap so show me cute pictures!" thread.

Discrimination at the park - Switchblade Susie see that prejudice against pit bulls isn't limited to apartments and shelters…

Not another Corgi thread (Lots of Nacho pics inside!) - PI LOVES Corgis (and I know some other parts of the forums do too *cough* *cough* BYOB *cough*). Enjoy the cute pictures, videos, and drawings from letsgoflyers81 and the gang.

That's it for now, but remember that this is just a small glimpse at the thousands of threads that float around the SA forums every week. Come back next time for more links!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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