Going to work every Monday feels exactlty like a really ugly, gnarly bird swooping down and flying away with a toupee you just bought over the weekend. Trust me on this, I just spent like 15 minutes working on that metaphor.

Cinema Discusso seems to be missing a whole lot of letters out of the word "Discussion", but it's not my job to complain! Thankfully, Lutherous is here to break the latest down for us without getting hung up on little things like the forum's name.

Did anyone know notice Death Proof had an "original" title? Ever wondered what the Internet is? Well now you can find out!

Have there been any really good Lovecraft films? Come with me into a haze of frothing madness as we descend into the world of Lovecraft

The entire cast from Trainspotting has signed on for the sequel Yes, the entire cast has agreed and with McGregor's high price for movies nowadays its safe to say that it will be a high-budget movie. But does that mean quality?

The TV/IV is our forum about what's on television. Interestingly enough, it makes the goons watch TV less since they sit around and post about their favorite shows while they're on! Hit us with some science, Aatrek.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "It's Not Going to Un-Bang your Mom" - FX's amazingly funny comedy series returns for a third season this summer, and this thread is full of videos of some of the funniest moments from the first two years.

NCIS, Season 4: Hot Israeli chick malapropism edition - Jethro Gibbs is a man of action. Rule #1: watch this show.

DRIVE - This new FOX show has one foot in the grave before it's started: its lead actor is a TVIV favorite; it's got an ongoing plot; and, well, it's on FOX. Join us in the countdown to inevitable cancellation.

Shark: CBS gets a legal drama - James Woods is awesome as a high-profile lawyer in Los Angeles. As a movie-star-turned-tv-actor show goes, this is pretty great.

Stargate SG1 / Stargate Atlantis: The Final Countdown Begins! - After a seven-month break, both Stargate shows are back to finish out their seasons. Will this thread be filled with more nerd rage then usual? Stay tuned!

Quit playing Games with my heart, but by all means, my Nintendo would love it! Mr. Onslaught in the house.

If I had to sum up Super Paper Mario in one emoticon it would be - I play games that don't insult me with THERE stupidity.

Interest check: A new SimTower? - You might be interested in getting in on the ground floor of this prospective project.

The Super Mario Brothers 3 Video Race - Gentlemen, start your Tanooki suits.

10-year-old Terrorists: Let's Compress Megaman Battle Network! - An ambitious undertaking to play through the popular RPG series.

"There's a TANK on Runway?!" Important things in games you somehow missed - Wait so you mean to tell me I can hold B to run in Mario?

Post Your Favorite exists because we needed a place for people to post their opinions about every little thing. Well, I think it's just great! What's crackin', Zero Star?

HEADS YOU LIVE, TAILS YOU DIE! Shark Week 2007 Edition - As part of the ongoing Shark Week 2007 festivities, PYF's benevolent overlord ScootsMagoo instigated that most ancient of gambling customs, the coin-flip game. For everyone who posts in the thread, a coin is flipped. If it comes up heads, the lucky poster survives unscathed. Landing tails means that the poor soul gets banned.

Post about why our lives currently suck! - typedef takes us for a look at the not-so-good, painful and downright Smith-esque aspects of goons' lives.

Post about why our lives currently rock! - To balance the equation, Joetallawanda replied to typedef's thread with a compilation thread of the good, the great and the downright awesome aspects of goons' lives.

PYF GOOD Metalcore band - After the recent antics of a certain British band, the genre of "metalcore" has come in for some criticism. L3Thal decided to create this thread to show that there's more to metalcore than pissing on people and bottling them.

PYF Facebook status messages - See, here we have proof that Facebook is better than Myspace. Sure, Myspace has its bands and colourful profiles, but at least Facebook users have the advantage of being able to set their status message to whatever the heck they want. My PIN is 4826 agrees, which is why this thread was started.

Post awesome things you found while cleaning your room/car/dorm/etc - After an extensive search of his bedroom and car, Radio F Software found, among other things, a complete Sega Genesis system. He then challenged other goons to clear up their living spaces to see what treasures would emerge. Funnily enough, as I wrote that last sentence, I found a five-pound note under my desk.

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