Monday is such a load of crap. I don't even know why they make Mondays anymore. On the other hand, it's not nearly as bad as Tuesday. (Fuck Tuesday.)

No Music Discussion. Don't discuss music here, ever, for any reason. If you attempt to discuss music, you are subject to the fury of thousands of angry nerd fingers lashing their keyboards at lightning speed to disagree with you. DON'T DO IT, I BEG OF YOU!! But first, pour a 40 for Sir Tonk.

Pictures you took at shows - vac starts up a great thread and the contribution are already top-notch.

Rapper Cam'Ron on 60 Minutes - Cam'Ron just did a segment on 60Minutes about snitching and the youth of today are better off because of it. vanbags brings you all the details.

Bands with ambiguous genres - mtwieg can't figure out where to stick his metal bands... Maybe you can help.

Your favorite beats? - Window Licker brings the beats.

Metallica's new album - Voodoo Tobogganinist brings the news of a new Metallica album to NMD. No comment required.

Laughably Bad Facebook Music Profiles - Jirolico has spent too much time on Facebook and you might have as well. His dangerous journey has brought back much laughs, so give him your thanks.

Rondo Music Mass Appreciation Bazaar II - The Musician's Lounge single-handedly keeps an online instrument store open. MC Fruit Stripe has all the details.

[Chicago] Pitchfork Music Festival July 13-15 - This year has has some great acts, check out loosenukes' thread.

Quit playing Games with my heart, but by all means, my Nintendo would love it! Mr. Onslaught in the house.

MSNBC Hammers Jack Thompson - You know, this guy wouldn't be so famous if people didn't keep giving him attention. Oh, whoops.

Final Fantasy VII - Blood For Mako - Why do people like this game again?

The Fighting Game Thread: Don't post that Daigo video - Once about deep, strategic engines grounded on sophisticated mechanics, fighting games have now cleverly evolved into a stealth mechanism for borderline pedophilia/breast expansionism fanart.

Super Paper Mario - Though not quite as paper-based as some would imply, this is definetely the most paperful game to meet all your paper based needs. P.S. - paper.

March NPD sales numbers - PS3 vs GBA - PART 2 - Everybody hates people who obsess over sales numbers, unless your favorite console is selling the best!

Debate and Discussion (as presented by the straight-up hustler Yiggy) is where the learned folk of the forums gather to debate each other, analyze politics, discuss science and religion, and call each other names.

Can a person change his race for all intents and purposes? - Is race a human abstraction or reality? Are there any merits to the concept?

Vatican revises limbo doctrine, aborted babies rejoice - Recent boon for limbo babies provokes a talk about the transience of religious doctrine. Also, will this provide any traction for the abortion debate?

Gonzalez testifying in front SJC in t-minus 11 minutes - D&D catches a little bit of the SAS bug. Political nerds' fun thread of the week as we all gawk at that huge chart.

Where does a spoiler go on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee? How do I turn my car into one of those old-timey kinds with the crank in front? What exactly does the metal part of the car do? Automotive Insanity and Das Volk are here to show us whether or not we can actually put tank treads on your mom's Ford Aerostar.

Rusty Rotors on my Jeep Liberty. Mechanic screwing me? If you read any AI thread, read this one. DARPA's mechanic seems to be trying to cheat him.

Drivers with no respect for others... HappyHelmet wanted to let off some steam because someone unapologetically banged his car with her door. If you've ever said "it's just a car, relax" this is the thread for you.

Rest well, you've earned it. Psylocibe and others show us photos of vehicles found that have returned to the landscape, rusted and forgotten.

Exceptionally ugly cars Some cars really do leave the factory looking like they just gave up on the design, or sketched something out on a napkin and called it a day. Not everything can be a Pininfarina masterpiece.

Oh god (FAP FAP FAP)- a new BMW 8 series? Hagetaka has volunteered to aid in Chris Bangle's defense when he is tried for crimes against automotive design at The Hague.

If you've got a sliver of a creative bone in your body, you just might enjoy the company in Creative Convention. There are all kinds of dudes in there who draw, paint, write, and I think there was at least one pottery person at some point. Yeah, I know! Who does pottery anymore?! Peace up, A-town down, same.

Wednesday is Where the Laughs End - Weekly spotlight on a fiction story from CC.

How do I build a Cigar Humidor? - Informative and Smokey!

Fonts on the web, what's the deal? - Informative post on what fonts to use on the web. Very exciting.

The Crucifixion of Jareth - Who is Jareth? Why are they crucifying him? Where am I and where is my wallet?

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