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"With great power comes great responsibility." Knowledge is power, right? So smart people are really responsible? Now riddle me this: if these guys are so smart, why are they being so irresponsible with their time by debating things on the Internet all day? DEBATE THAT ONE, INTER-TOADS!!!!

Greenspan: The Republicans deserved to lose - Greenspan's opinion of his party drops 287 points today.

It's September, time to roll out a "new product": War with Iran - Our Smartbombs, will block out the sun! Well, maybe.

Argument tactics that piss me (and you) off - A regular clearinghouse of bad rhetoric and faulty logic, learn whats bad and vent your frustrations.

Northwest Passage finally open for business - Maybe by the time I'm old Nunavut will be rife with summer hot spots.

The Economist: Nuclear Power's New Age - NIMBY, Atoms, glowing green craters, grraaaaaargh. Is nuclear finally ready for a comeback, or will perennial fears stimey any chance?

Thompson announces upcoming announcement of entering race - Hes finally in the race, and he may even do a debate or two before the primaries start, well, maybe.

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Sit back, relax, and figure out the best way to get high using nothing but Children's Dimetapp, a camping stove and some ground-up Excedrin Migraines.

Weed bringing out someone's reaaallly creepy/perverted side: Eew. - Marijuana makes you think profound thoughts: "Dude, I fucking love vaginas."

MDMA Megathread - The new megathread about everyone's favorite happy pill. Learn how to stay safe while rolling, and learn just what makes that little round pill so awesome.

The Kava Thread - Kava root is a natural depressant which has similar effects to the benzodiazepenes (Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, etc.). This thread is all about it, but you may have to read a bit to get all the information. Check out Erowid's Kava vault (http://erowid.org/plants/kava/kava.shtml) for more information about this recently rediscovered drug.

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