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Reppin': Elbonio

Let me tell you about my buddy Stephenson.. If I were to pick a palindrome to describe this thread it would be: a Toyota.

Your favourite emoticon - in 3D?! Finally we're moving into THIS century with emoticons being rendered in glorious 3D. Adding depth to otherwise shallow gestures.

What I looked like in 1956! The Dave is our first-post threadshitter for today. Thanks for all your hard work and we look forward to any other insightful posts you might have in the pipeline. And by pipeline I mean your colon.

Make movies Post-Apocalyptic! Waiting for Notting Hill to be apocalyps'd, just so I can see Hugh Grant reduced to a shell of a man who has to drink his own urine and eat radioactive termites to stay alive.

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Reppin': Elbonio

I have acce$$ to $omeone'$ email account and can $ee he'$ getting $cammed. Ah the classic dilemma - tell the guy he's getting scammed and have to own up to the fact you're a prying dickhead with no morals or leave it alone and let him spend more and more money on stupid internet scams. Oh BOY!

My phone was stolen - Massive bill - 02 UK. What do I do? Yeah you're screwed.

Ask me about getting laser hair removal (and being Detroit's hairiest man). AKA Chewbacca gets shaved.

Tell me about being accused of shoplifting. Extra, extra - read all about it: Kid accused of stealing candy, protests innocence. Is pissed off.

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