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Reppin': Elbonio'

I'm a creepy, creepy guy. How do I format ALL disks quickly on startup?. Archive your illegal stalking on external drives, bro. This way when the police come you're all like "LOL INTO A CEMENT MIXER WITH THESE BITCHES!". If you're wondering yes this thread takes a hilarious twist and yes you should read it.

Wake up your cat. Make sure you take it somewhere unfamiliar first, just to really screw with its head. In the washing machine is a good one.

8th Grader writes crazy Sex Scene about my girlfriend. I was disappointed that this sex scene didn't involve any of the following: tanks, helicopters, destructuion derby, Solid Snake, skateboards/Tony Hawk or robots. What kind of eigth grader is this?!?

Fascinating or jaw dropping news events others may not be familiar with. Prepare to be sidetracked by Wikipedia - BEWARE - this thread is a timesink and you WILL end up reading about dandelions even though you begin reading about the Jonestown massacre.

I need your hardest-to-answer question, goons. Black t-shirt today or black t-shirt?

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught

Your biggest scare in a game? - When I turned on a game and it said "developed by Factor 5." Chilling.

Games that should have been classics but... - I think the only slight nuance that kept Cho Aniki from reaching worldwide acclaim was the semi-nude homoeroticism.

Crazy Videogame Ideas - What if a plumber took shrooms to grow/shrink like Alice in Wonderland while killing some evil turtles and a dinosaur who kidnapped his princess girlfriend?

The Original Paper Mario: Let's Read Nintendo Adventure Books! - First, you were too lazy to play video games so you watched other people finish them in the "Let's Play" forum. Of course, the natural evolution of this is people reading books for you too.

Pokemon Thread - I like shorts! They're comfortable and easy to wear!

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