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Reppin' (for today): Elbonio

Google Comic tells it like it is. Hey, did you know that too much Chrome before bed gives you bad dreams? It also makes you sterile.

Dragoncon. This is a haiku. It describes this awesome thread. Mingers in lycra.

Think back.....What Happened Nine Months Before You Were Born? OH MY GOD - my parents must have had sex during my uncle's funeral... oh my god - MY PARENTS MUST HAVE HAD SEX!111oneoneeleven.

Re-imagine classical literature. AKA "Make Anne Frank's diary about Yo-Yos and smoking weed and not about being a Jew in a cupboard".

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Reppin' (for today): Elbonio

I just invited 3 people to take naked pictures of me while I cry (realpost). A little known fact that this thread title was the original final line of Casablanca but then they replaced it with some crap about a beautiful friendship beginning.

my Baby & POopy. Howd'ya like DEM apples!

Post songs for the departed.. This one's for you, Mother Teresa. (Bon Jovi - Livin' on a prayer)

If you have sex w/ socks on does it count?. Nope!

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