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Reppin' (for today): Elbonio

Whip out your webcams and make stupid GIFs!. Goons gone wild: Compuserve edition.

The Large Hadron Collider MEGATHREAD / FAQ. I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade... let alone create one

Being fat in Alabama has never cost so much.. Come on fatty, get off your arse. Ooohh so this offends you? Waddle after me then and get me with your fat folds. Oh - you can't? Shame. Now pay up, lardy.

Is that a fish in your penis, or are you just happy to see me?. That's right. Penis fish.

Worst thing you've done to someone in a relationship. Your mother counts as a relationship, right? If so it was definitely that time you broke her favourite thimble.

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Reppin' (for today): Elbonio

Posting in BYOB? Read this helpful guide! [A RULES THREAD]. How to give the illusion that you belong and that you truly fit in somewhere after all.

worf of the day for 8-31-08. From Michael Dorn until Michael Dusk.

got banned off WoW again. its a tough life. *lights cigarette*. Race shouldn't come into WoW, except when we're complaining about how those French frog-legged bastards are ruining the game.

DOGS IN WATER. It's true!

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