~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles

Anyone ever see Pop Secret Corn on the Cob Microwave Popcorn?
- Yes, we've seen it. No, we don't buy it, because freshly popped is superior, cheaper, and just as easy. Come in to this thread to discover the true wisdom of popcorn.

Christmas Dinner: What's on your table?
- Getting ready for the second or third or fourth or fifth biggest feast of the year (depending on your custom) can require a lot of planning. What are you doing?

Liquids of warmth: What's your favorite hot drink to make?
- Manly drinks > foofy drinks.

Tell me your "authentic" curry recipe
- In case you don't celebrate Christmas and want to make delicious curry instead. Actually I celebrate Christmas but that sounds really good.

~*~ Post Your Favorite ~*~
Reppin': reflir

Post Your Allergy - Would've been a better thread if it was titled 'Post your FAVORITE allergy', but what can you do. Also I wonder if there's a community out there for necrophiliacs who only jerk it to corpses of people who've died of anaphylaxis.

PYF thing you're going to hell for laughing at - Worst thread title, best content.

PYF Pictures You've Taken - And every girl goes through a photography phase, you know, like horses... taking dumb pictures of your feet

PYF pet names for girlfriends/boyfriends - Look I know this thread sounds fucking stupid but it's actually pretty hilarious so give it a chance ok.

sex slang - Other than killing people, the main task of the armed forces is to come up with as many ridiculous sex acts as possible, give them stupid names and upload them to urbandictionary.com.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

S&W I-Bolt Recall - Warning! Your S&W I-Bolt rifle may shoot your buddy in the back when you're not paying attention! Way to chamber a round before you're ready to shoot, genius.

Early WWI Era Colt 1911 tragedy. What to do now? - Note to self: do not set guns on fire.

Hot, Sweaty, Bullpup Love - Ewww it's all over the carpet.

Rifle Case for Flying - Buy Pelican or arrive with a broken rifle.

Home Defense CZ-75: Cocked-And-Locked or Hammer Down? - Cocked Locked and Ready to Rock just in case little Billy decides to drop one of his tangosfriends in a game of cops and robbers..

Black Powder Questions and Basics - Black powder shooters are always finding new ways to redefine the phrase "hand cannon."

What's With All This Camo Cum? - Money shot baby.

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