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Much as books were the political and social commentary of the early 20th century, radio and finally television shows were the manifestos and critiques of the late twentieth and early 21st century. These media were primarily for entertainment but every so often, carried a serious message as well about society at large. These episodes are the ones that have been forgotten, but a few were posted in the tail end of a thread three days ago. I'd like to share some of my favorite episodes and to see what the rest of the forums remembers.


One of the most famous icons of the 1960s and 1970s was Magilla Gorilla. Magilla Gorilla was an allegory for the American prisoner. Having done nothing more than be a product of his circumstances and upbringing, he was thrown in a small, crowded cage. His owner, Mr. Peebles, is a jaunty warden who is trying to sell the American public on the goodness inside Magilla (and indeed, all prisoners) despite the various foibles that occurred.

However, after the Attica Prison Riot from September 9-13 in 1971, Hanna-Barbera animated an episode of Magilla Gorilla where Magilla reached through his cage and strangled Mr. Peebles to death in an attempt to gain his freedom. Reaching through the cage to steal Mr. Peebles' keys, Magilla cannot find the door to escape. The next ten minutes of the episode involve Magilla Gorilla sodomizing then eating the other pets in the store over a period of weeks and finally starving to death.

Although critically acclaimed and nominated for an Emmy in 1972, this episode is never remembered in the mind of the American populace due to Watergate occurring shortly thereafter.


The Golden Girls mainly focuses around the lives of Geriatric women. However, they dipped into serious international politics on occasion. After the Elian Gonzales fiasco, the producers decided to film and air a special reunion episode commenting on the status of illegal immigrants from Cuba.

In the episode, a bedraggled Cuban refugee stumbles into Dorothy's house and begs for political asylum, citing the horrible conditions present in Communist Cuba. Dorothy fears he's a burglar, and in a blind rage fueled by a cocktail of senility and amphetamines, proceeds to beat her intruder to death.

However, after Dorothy beats him to death, the episode never mentions the incident, instead deciding to focus on Blanche going through a second menopause, leading to a collective forgetfulness in the minds of the American people.

What episodes of favorite television shows do you remember that everyone else seems to have forgotten?
James Ironfist posted:
Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving SA.

I originally found SA via: -->

I read that Image Macros were invented at SA. Also I found the story about Uwe Boll interesting (ohh and how he kicked your ass).

I lurked eagerly interested in GBS and I also found the frank (if not harsh and blunt) tone amusing. A few people posted pictures but not many macros, but I got to read stories that I never would have read anywhere else.

Now, things have changed a bit. I don't think the vibe is right for me. I have been called an 'attention whore' by people while others have repeatedly asked me not to post anymore.

More than once have I been called stupid (directly and bluntly). Also everybody keeps calling me a 'gimmick'. I almost feel that I was 'type casted' to that role.

I entered Helldump due to the insults posted by the 'Hairy Pussy'. It had posted something along the lines that Lord Ironfist was a horrible poster. After utterly owning him with the greatest of ease I thought that surely it was only beginners luck.

Then followed a more examples of easy-owning. People seemed a little lazy. It basically turned out the SA crowd in Helldump were all Internet amateurs (well the people that stepped up to the plate was anyway).

I owned members left and right. I was left confused. I thought SA was THE ORIGINAL INTERNET CULTURE site. I expected SA to be something else something with more and better quality content (and preferably with amusing macros).

Alas, I have come the conclusion that this will not work for me. I realized it yesterday after making the 'punch below belt' post about Serrath yesterday. He typed something like "Ironfist is stupid" and then I revealed to the entire Internet what he looks like.

This was not what I wanted. This is not "me". It is not the kind of Internet Culture vibe I am looking for. I made a plain boring bully-evil-posting... Serrath, if you read this, I am sorry for that I got caught up in a *bad vibe*. I was out of line.

While I am at it, I would also like to apologize for the use of the word "negroid" that was also poor taste. Some Afro Americans were clearly offended by that. I was only 'teasing' sorry! I know some of the story of Afro Americans and it was a cheap shot to take, when I started to pretend that I was getting a slave . Sorry, that was not funny.

Well that is that. I'm leaving. I am looking for a forum, where people like making macros and making posts that requires more that the average 5 secs found here (in SA Helldump anyway).

I spend USD 10 to register, and I still feel it was money well spend. Less than a DVD as it said and more entertaining. It was not a really good movie and not a really bad one either!

Gentlemen I bid you farewell. It was fun while it lasted. May you prosper going forward in life!

Best regards

Lord Ironfist
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