theHUNGERian posted:

1. Upload your resume/transcripts/immigration data/passport/... to an online briefcase. They may save you the trip home to get those documents.

2. Always carry a USB memory stick with you. One day, the cute hippy chick you have a crush on WILL ask you if you have one. I have been carrying mine with me every day since that day.
grimlen posted:
Why does Dungeons & Dragons automatically tag it's players as nerds?
Why is the game viewed so negatively by so many people?

Isn't it by nature a social(i use the term loosely) event of sorts?
The negativity usually associated with it comes from the wacky Christians most of the time anyways, yet the game still has been sort of degraded into some sort of freakish convention of backwards people with backwards ways... why?!
grimlen posted:
Alright so assuming i have a great imaginative friend who can run our games and we have a good campaign. Why does that seem to make us nerds? Is it because we are playing a game that is centered mostly around our imagination?
If that is the case then why doesn't that stereotype still apply to video games?
If not then is it the nature of the game? ( i.e. dragons and swords and that kind of thing) if it is the nature then why are those things so nerdy?
I guess my question is why is the so culturally strange.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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