In the 21st century everyone is an entrepreneur. We're all selling one product: ourselves. Everything we say or do in our lives is part of a long and involved process called BRAND DEVELOPMENT. We are not simply living, we are BUILDING BRAND NETWORKS with POTENTIAL CONSUMERS.

This process begins as soon as we socialize. We need to create POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS with our NASCENT BRAND. Some of this is out of our control, but if we have had good parents and good schooling then we have developed EXTENSIVE BRAND SUPPORT NETWORKS.

Authenticity is one of the most valuable qualities any brand can achieve, so having an ORGANIC NETWORK to generate FAVORABLE SECONDARY CONTENT is crucial in early brand development.

GROWING YOUR BRAND is about more than just GOOD MOUTHWORD. We need to communicate our DEFINING TRAITS. Create a STREAMLINED BRAND PERSONA and begin to OCCUPY MEMESPACE. Are you the guy who eats anything? The girl who always wears hats? The kid with the funny beard? Start simple and slowly expand on this one idea.

You will need to REINFORCE YOUR NETWORKS using an array of tools including MICROBLOGGING. Connect your CONTENT to CONSUMERS using MICROBLOG PLATFORMS.

Grow your brand carefully, but be willing to take CONCEPTUAL RISKS. Treat your brand like a living creature. Something MADE OF MEAT. It will need to be NOURISHED by CROWD COMMENTING.

As you GROW YOUR PERSONAL BRAND you will begin to feel it take on BRAND MOMENTUM. It begins to move and react on its own. The crowd is taking PARTIAL IDEA OWNERSHIP. Feel free to engage in CREATIVE SUBLETTING. CROWD CONTENT SUBLETTING is a key part of TUMBLRFYING YOUR BRAND. Don't be afraid of your consumers RE-CONTEXTUALIZING YOUR BRAND ELEMENTS.

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