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I don't really have a firm stance on piracy one way or the other, but I think it's clear that people who rip off movies, games, and porno on the Internet are the most retarded people on the planet. Visit any torrent site, search for anything and read the comments. Half of these morons don't even know how to get the movie to play or the game to install. The other half makes GameFAQs look like a high class affair. Go to school, get a decent job, and you won't ever have to worry about mounting ISOs and searching for a crack ever again you silly assholes.

Dishonesty on a torrent site? You don't say! At least it doesn't take you to the top 100 TORRENTZ and makes you vote forty times just to get a Super Nintendo rom.

Guilty as charged.

One of the central themes on Torrent sites is that downloaders will often get very angry if the FREE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD isn't totally to their liking. Buyer beware! Oh wait.

I think the couple hundred bucks she got at the end of the shoot made up for it.

I say this prayer every time I download the most current shitty Will Ferrel movie.

Haha raping women is going TOO far. But watching real rape is totally okay! Let the professionals handle it while I just sit back and reap the benefits.

plz post real rapez

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