Ron is a doctor. Well, he claims he's a doctor in his ICQ information, but it turns out he's just a doctor in training. Well, he's not actually a doctor in training, but he's taking premed courses. Well, he's not really taking premed courses, but he's GOING TO.

Anyway, when I was first contacted by "Ron", who wanted some hot ASL action, I had absolutely no game plan or idea on how to prank him. After going through too many ASLs and noticing his personal information leaned heavily towards the medical profession, I began to form an idea... and yes, I do hate it when people ASL me (for you non-geeks, that asks "Age / Sex / Location?"). Whenever I get ASLed, I respond by never, ever, ever answering the question correctly.

Ron - heys whats up?

Ron - hey! whats up!!!

Lowtax - Oh! Why, hello Ron!

Ron - : ) whats up? ASL?

Lowtax - I was just reading various periodicals on the Information Superhighway!

Ron - kewl, ASL?

Lowtax - Yes, ASL is the greatest, my friend!

Ron - eh?

Ron - ASL?

Lowtax - It says in your information that you're a doctor. Is that true, Ronnie?

Ron - no, I am studying to be one tho. My dads' a doctor.

Lowtax - A love doctor?

Ron - heart surgeon at Saint Marks hospital.

Lowtax - A love heart surgeon?

Ron - what?

Lowtax - Nevermind. ASL?

Ron - 17 / male / NY

Ron - ASL?

Lowtax - Yes Ron, ASL indeed. Hey, I've got a couple questions for you since you're a doctor and everything.

Ron - naw, I'm not a dfoctor, my dads a doctor, I want to be a doctor so I'm going to go too school to study to be a doctor.

Lowtax - A doctor? Doctor? Doctor?

Ron - What?

Lowtax - Did you mention something about a doctor? I don't remember, sorry.

Ron - Yeh Im going too be a doctor

Lowtax - Gotcha, a doctor.

Ron - Yeh. ASL?

Lowtax - I'm sorry, I don't have the ASL plugin for ICQ. Anyway, can I ask you a few medical questions? You know, since you're a doctor and all.

Ron - sure but I'm not a doctor, Im just studying to be one like my Dad.

Lowtax - Yeah, I got that, your dad sounds like a regular angel among men, Ron. I would guess he can probably time travel too. Anyway, I've got a medical question for you. My kid Bethany is real sick and I need some medical advice because I work for a company called G-Front and they dont pay me so I cant afford to take her to a doctor.

Ron - woah, that sucks.

Lowtax - Yeah, G-Front likes to make children die. They're a bunch of sick bastards. Anyway, my kid got sick and I think it's because I let the lady at school cut her hair. Is this possible?

Ron - ???

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