Colleen - They're aged from 5 to 24. It's a madhouse around here as I'm sure you can expect : )

Lowtax - GRAR, kids running all over place, nutty land! Have your hands tied full, but Im sure you have no regreats with your little bundles of joy!

Colleen - I would'nt replace them for anything : )

Lowtax - So how you teach little one? 5 year old slob? Regarding responsibilty, how you teach that? Hah?

Colleen - Well Thomas and I just lay down the rules and let her know about them. We visiably show every action has a consequence and if they do something that there will be reprecussions. Children learn visually and we try to use that to teach them.

Lowtax - Oh, I have same feelings as you! I have own parenting theories, I studyied long times at university in free time. We think like you, teach with reprecussions! And consequences! Hyah, good things!

Colleen - Its good to know that other parents feel the same way : )

Lowtax - YES, we do! We teach Myiama with Box Learning! She is understanding us quick now, very smart little girl!

Colleen - Im sorry what's "boix learning"?

Lowtax - BOX LEARNING! We have large box, we teach her rules with box!

Colleen - What do you mean? Sorry I dont understand : )

Lowtax - We own many, many boxes of great size. Wife is owner of furniture store, we have varying boxes of size. We have great box we label "homework BOX" and Myiama does homework in box after school! It is safe place inside box, conductive for learning! No distractions, just box!!!

Colleen - How big is this box?

Lowtax - Vary large, fit sofa inside! Comfortable, dont worry! It box of learning, conductive to learning. We do studies, her test scores get better in box!

Colleen - Thats very interesting. I can understand how a distraction free area would h elp studying, but I've never heard of anything like doing it in a big box : )

Perhaps you should build a webpage about it! : )

Lowtax - TONKA HYAH, yes, I do that! When I have time I write many pages! Teach and learn! Many good things! We write about Learning Box and Box of Trial!

Colleen - What's the "box of Trial"?

Lowtax - Learning enviroment! We teach Myiama when she does bad, we place in her Box of Trial and have small radio we talk through, say "You have done it very badly Myiama, we are very much displease with you actions!" It like "time out" or standing in corner, we teach disipline!

Colleen - I understand what you'r trying to teach but I'm not sure if that's the most effective way to teach that. : (

Lowtax - No, it work! We put Myiama in box, me and wife get outside box and shove it around, shaking it! We turns lights off and on and make ghost sounds to scare, then throw things inside box, we shout "NO MYIAMA! YOU MAKE WRONG DECISION! YOU SEE BAD OUTCOME NOW! LEARN YOU LESSON!"

Lowtax - She afriad of squid, we shout outside box in ghost voice "HYAH, we squid, we come to get you!" and scares her into knowing what we say! It is hard learning, but we care for daughter and needs her to know, understand?

Lowtax - She afraid of squid, crazy child!

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