Another Levi Johnston joint...Well, well, well...looks like a whole bunch of you tards decided to email me about how upset you are. Like I give a fuck. A lot of you was pissed off for some reason about shit I said about Mrs. Palin Bristol's fine ass mom.

A lot more of you was all pissed off at me like faggots because I was being mean to Bristol or some bullshit. And there was all kinds of politics gaywads.

I didn't plan on writing no more articles but this BS has gotta be responded to. I can't just leave it hanging.

Number one a bunch of it was slander and number two I hate bitches trying to disrespect my family. I don't care if you are a liberal or a democrat or your from china just leave my family out of this...

First off look what this dillweed Jay Harmon wrote me:

to: me
from: boner-cuddler jay harmon
subject: Really???

Do you fell better??? Have you got things off your chest??,, Maybe out of your loins (ya know what "loins" are don't ya??)???? I don't care about your Mom, I don't care about you!!!!

Maybe just like you!!! Maybe not, I DON'T CARE!!!!!!

YOU went to college??? REALLY???? NO shit???? I guess you FUCKED that up, RIGHT??? I have a hard time beliv.......naw, I don't !!!!

ya 'now Dog that I can be not as stupid as you!!! If I tried I couldn't be, well, maybe, NO I CANN'T!!!!!!!!!

Almighty "Duke" or "Lord" or something, is that what you think???

I rest my case for you thinking.....


how you like that??? Yo I put that shit in pink to fuck with this dude because he jacks off hella dongs.

Can you believe the temeroty of this punk? Everyone is a big fucking tough guy on the internet. They can send me all kinds of inflameatry emails. Hey, GAY HARDON, if you dont care about me and my family so much why the fuck you read my writing shit?

And yeah I went to some college nigger. Called Your Mom University and I majored in gash drilling and anus holes. Putting my dick in her anus hole. Your moms that is.

Heres some advice for you: don't read this article because your dumb gay face just got scored on so hard your whole kids and life and family just turned retarded. Got that shit? Lord Johnston just destroyed your ass.

GAy Harmon wasnt alone in being all upset over shit I said and talking shit on MRs. Palin and Bristol. Check out what pussy ass liberal SPENCER fucking wrote:

to: me
subject: white trash


you are fucking stupid as hell

your whole white trash creationist family sucks and i hope sara palin and bristol palin have 50 fucking RETARD kids


yo this is me and another fine ass trollop about to regulate some shit like a mooseWhere the fuck do you live SPENCER? Where do you live? I will come there and I will stomp out your fucking ass. I will punch you so hard in your face they will need those CSI dudes who put clay on a skull to figure out what some woman that got killed in 1935 looked like. I eat and shit out pussies like you and then I eat them again.

Seriously if you are ever in anchorage there is a burger king on northern lights up by spenard. You know that shit? Come there and I will meet you there and I will fuck your shit up, homes.

I am so sick of you fucking liberal pussies ruining this country with your bs. Yeah Mrs. Palin believes god create d the world WHAT A SHOCK holy shit that's only like in the bible or something dude. what do you believe god or do you believe some faggot from 1850 sailed around ina gay ass ship looking at fucking birds and some shit like a turtle.

"OH SHIT! look at that beautiful turtle that figured out how to fly or suck a dick or whatever guess we better forget about all the shit we believed for the last million years" - Liberal Pussy Retard

Speaking of retard if I have 50 retard kids with willow I will love them all the same not put them in a dumpster. You don't have to be smart to be a good person after all Hitler had an IQ of 160 and Mother Teresa had an IQ of 120 GUESS HITLER WAS BETTER. yeah thats some logic spencer. Eat a dick.

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