Jobs Loss: iPad fills unwanted role grumble tech writers
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Inoperating System: the 23 reasons iPhone G3 OS 4.0 will ruin your 2sday
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iPad Reversal: impresses tech writers who received free iPads
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Existential Nightmare: slide, tap, tap, tap, slide, tap, tap, tap, die, rot
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iPad power gamers have been fiending for top-tier 'ku mayhem on the big screen comparable to 2009's Sudoku Wizard for the iPhone. Their puzzle-fragging dreams are about to come true. Fart Ninja 8 Studios is releasing Sudoku Wizard XXL, which will be exactly the same, with stretched graphics for the iPad and an animated dragon "helper" in the corner. Just like the original, XXL will prompt you for constant updates to stay at the top of the free app store and cut out your music to play an intro animation.

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High blood sugar never felt so interactive. Compete with yourself and high-risk race members like Tiger Woods for the lowest score possible. Don't let your blood settle! Players in trouble can run over pizzas made with non-wheat gluten and recharge for the final barista showdown. The froth will be legendary. Not actually a game or fun. From Andy Fitness.

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Absentminded Mac enthusiasts will soon have a third way to locate their Apple devices. Popular tech-locator app iFindr is migrating to the iPad. The app weds your iPhone GPS to your iPad GPS and syncs through your Internet-connected desktop or laptop. If you can find one of these in your house you can find the others. iFindr reduces wasteful search time by minutes, allowing the user to port from bathroom to office with little to no exertion.

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Okay, we thought this video from BZZTMONDO user Elitewoot_Mac was pretty amazing. He was visiting the Genius Bar in Soho where a Genius was demoing the iPad's iMovie Portable Workshop when something strange happened. The iMovie was live streaming video of an iPod running Mini iMovie for the iPhone using the iPhone camera streamed to a Macbook via MediaMac isync air're gonna have to see this video to believe it.Basically we entered a recursive mac singularity spiral just as poster Weedjobs predicted, exploding the boundaries of space and time into a crystalline fractal of haptic unreality. As far as we can tell we're gliding along an LCD wafer expanding infinitely in every direction, but with no height or weight, and we're mirrored infinitely and can pass from one mirror reality to the next by syncing our devices. We think. Lol! Next stage of human evolution? You be the judge.More >>>

Thanks to Mr. Destructo for tireless tech journalism and tech scoops.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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