Ghostbusters! Lotta controversy! Backlash sexist? But reboots bad! Here's bad tweets, tho. Look at these angry dudes! Although point they maybe have? Either way, not gonna take a position!

But now, no more controversy. Controversy bye-bye, because Ghostbusters 2016 Movie is out! Now we can judge based on merits alone...time to show how objective I am!! So here is verdict:

Ghostbusters 2016 just OK. Ghostbusters 2016 Movie is not as good as one of the greatest comedies of all time. On other hand, if I say it was bad, people lump me in with misogynist haters -- no good for my personal brand!!! No!!!

So I stay safe. Say movie "just OK." Now to compliment cast:

Cast good! Love cast. Let me name other things cast was in to say love cast: Funny Ladies Get Married, or Funny Ladies Become Spies. Especially love actresses new to movies, because you have no other work to judge them against. Want them to act more! But actors I have seen before also good! And the boy actor was OK!

But now to make comparison to original cast? Comparison not good. New cast not work together as good. This a nice, easy criticism I can lob that will not upset people.

Paragraph about scenes I enjoyed! Now people can't say I'm "a hater" because I loved this one funny scene. Other scene also funny. And was third scene improvised in Ghostbusters 2016 Movie?! Fun set I bet!!

OK let's talk director and writer. Here is where I can be really critical. Nobody reading has emotional connection to director and writer. Not see them as people.

Director and writer fail. Director and writer did not do as good as one of the greatest comedies of all time. So you know I objective, here is where I say I like other things from director and writer, like Funny Ladies Get Married, or Funny Ladies Become Spies. Reviewer liked other movies! This movie, tho...they fail.

Gear switch, more talk of scenes I liked! Ghostbusters 2016 Movie has some pretty good scenes. But on the whole? Just OK.

Can see light at end of tunnel! Almost done with review which will not piss off angry guys but not lump me in with them either. Need to end on feelgood moment...

Slimer reference.

Ghostbusters 2016 Movie review over!

– Asterios "President Baby" Kokkinos (@asterios)

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