Prisoners of the Heart with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: moof i like audiobooks sometimes
Moof: yes i do not like them tbhqwyj"l"b
Livestock: well i like laying down and listening to them on headphones as i go to sleep even though i end up losing my place constantly and never finishing them
Moof: i like reading an actual book okay
Livestock: i read books as well but only when prison break is on (because that is as good as a book and i consider it the same as reading a book)
Moof: prison break i think is more than just art it is flawless beauty manifested as light
Livestock: i think prison break is proof that there is a god and that he speaks to us and is with us
Livestock: the depth of that show is deeper than the deepest ocean
Livestock: moof if i was framed for shooting the vice president's brother i trust that you would commit a crime to go to prison and attempt to break me out
Moof: yes of course i would!!
Moof: i am sort of offended you even had to ask
Moof: livestock did you watch tonight's episode
Livestock: i have not watched it yet
Livestock: i trust that it has twists and turns that will leave me staggering to comprehend how such genius could exist amongst us
Moof: yes you will be amazed
Livestock: sometimes i wonder if prison break is based on a true story, because it seems so real
Moof: it really makes me think about government and society and life as a whole you know
Livestock: sometimes it feels like we are all in prison for crimes we did not commit, and we have to break free
Moof: livestock sometimes i wonder if i spend too much time committing crimes so that i can free others from jail, perhaps that is my escape from my own personal jail??
Livestock: moof i wonder if i'll ever truly be free
Livestock: even if i escape the jail of my soul, i will still be on the run
Moof: this is the season 2 of your life
Livestock: i just hope i can keep the intensity going

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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