Spring is upon us and Summer is fast approaching, which means it is time once again to plan your yearly weekend vacation. If you're looking for something a bit more educational this year here are 11 museums you should probably avoid.

#10 The Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame
Hollywood, California

What could be better than celebrities and lingerie? This Frederick's of Hollywood collection includes everything from Art Garfunkel's chiffon peignoir, to Zsa Zsa Gabor's Pomeranian fur-trimmed corset, to Phil Donahue's leather cock strap.

Okay, maybe not those three, but they do have a bra worn by Cybill Shepherd on Moonlighting and a pair of boxer shorts Tom Hanks wore in Forrest Gump. It's just like you're looking through the underwear drawer of the costume department!

During the LA riots of 1992 the museum was looted. Thank the gods above, Peggy Bundy's bra was returned anonymously to a minister in Los Angeles and found its way back into the collection.

#9 Fly Fishing Discovery Center
Livingston, Montana

When planning your museum outing this summer how can you not take into consideration the size of a museum's collection of fly tying vices? The Fly Fishing Discovery Center of Livingston, Montana allows you to explore the history of fly fishing.

Take a trip down memory lane in the Tackle Room, where you can get a peek at rods, reels, and float tubes from decades past. The Fly Room features thousands of tied flies from around the world to inspire breathless awe in you and your family. Is that a Texas three-knot catisfly!? Wow!

Want to get some hands-on fly fishing experience? The Fly Fishing Discover Center also offers classes to teach you and your kids the gentle art of fly fishing. A river may not run through the museum, but you might just fly to the exits.

#8 L. Ron Hubbard's House at Camelback
Phoenix, Arizona

It's that time of year once again, time for another Scientology pilgrimage. L. Ron Hubbard's House at Camelback is a great place to get in touch with a young Hubbard, just as he "developed the first exteriorization process and advanced fully into the realm of the human spirit" at the tender age of 41.

Most of us get that sort of thing out of the way when we're in college, but L. Ron was making up a whole religion wholesale. How many of you cynical jerks can honestly say you started a church and that church has its own navy?

The inside of this modest Bungalow is packed with history. You know, the sort of history that looks suspiciously like hotel furniture from 1955 deliberately strewn with objects like Hubbard's motorcycle helmet and gloves or his Dictaphone. Do you feel that chill running up your spine? No, it's not a Thetan! This is the very room where the exteriorization process was advanced fully into the realm of the human spirit.

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