That Dog That Keeps Getting Out

Somebody's dog keeps getting out. It might be somebody here on Oak or it might be somebody from Elm or even Sycamore, but the dog goes over to the mud adjacent to the retention pond and goes NUTS then leaves muddy paw prints everywhere.

The guy whose house I think this smelly, awful dog with stupid eyes is coming from has OBAMA STICKER on his car. Heh. Big surprise there. If you ask me, this country...
Bad influence. I thought this was a cute dog when I saw it running on the other side of the street but then it came over and rolled in a dead robin right in front of my teenager who I caught the next day rolling in a...
Things started out pretty good. I saw him chasing a squirrel and then he came over and ran around me in circles. Then he barfed up what looked like a bunch of string and started eating it as soon as...
Reminds me of my dog. I love him. You're beautiful. Be free, dog, but be safe. It's a dangerous world for a dog to be carefree. At night I wonder when I will see you again. I hope you're happy and you have a family...
Teamed up with a raccoon to open my car and steal my fuck it bucket out from the center console. That was like twenty five dollars worth of Mars products and I demand...
Bit off my child's penis.

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