Wayne Burthouses' Front Lawn

Wayne Burthouse spends all weekend every weekend working on his lawn. He's always mowing it or seeding or laying mulching or planting a spruce or something. This guy means business when it comes to front lawns. It's not his job or anything, just like everything he's about.

Back and forth lawn patterns and great raking skills come fall. I can't get enough of this lawn. Wish I was there right now to...
The first time I saw this lawn I fell to my knees and wept. The second time I saw it I went up and knocked on the door and hugged Wayne. He was furious, has personal space issues, but as far as his lawn...
Every time I cut my own grass I wish I were dead because I know it well never be like Wayne's. I put up too many ramps in my backyard but I am running an experiment on the side strip that might work. Using my own body fluids I...
Don't worry about the screaming coming from the house, Wayne is just very passionate about his lawn. I asked him if I could borrow his mower and he stared at me without blinking until I left. That's okay, I...
Saw a couple dandelions around the flower beds this spring. Wayne has been slipping since the divorce.
You think you can do this to me, Brenda? That is my yard. If I see him cutting it I swear I am going to drive up onto the sidewalk and run him over. You are a psycho...


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