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A Plea for Peace
Posted by Reverend Scott [Read other reviews by Reverend Scott]
(1/2 Bone)

The dog situation in this town has gotten out of control. Feral beasts roam the streets. Children must stay inside, and we must walk briskly to and from our cars. Animal control does not return calls. Even our so-called champions -- dogs such as Trotter and Senator -- only aid in the ongoing conflict. Their heroics seem merely to antagonize the more violent dogs, angering them further. We must continue to pray for peace. But, in the meantime, given the extraordinary circumstances, I do not think the Lord would be averse to us leaving poisoned dog food outside.

Posted by ThatDogGuy! [Read other reviews by ThatDogGuy!]
(5 Bones)

Raced home just to post this........ Saw Trotter and about 30 dogs leaving Elmwood Park together.... Trotter and Senator were in the lead, but I recognized Dagger and Scar as well.... I think something big is about to break out... Not sure where they were going, but it's obvious they are going to start a fight!

Posted by Pete [Read other reviews by Pete]
(5 Bones)

GOOD GRIEF! THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF DOGS BATTLING IT OUT IN THE STREETS! I went to check my mail but had to run back inside because some angry dogs started rushing towards me. There are already a few dead dogs on my lawn, and with the battle intensifying, I imagine it's going to get even more bloody. This type of operation has Trotter's paw prints written all over it. Is it like this elsewhere, or just in my neighborhood?

Confirmed: El Cráneo Negro Dead!
Posted by K9Fan [Read other reviews by K9Fan]
(5 Bones)

Although the dog battle has me cooped up inside, I've been watching much of the fracas from my second story window. As luck would have it, the two key players ended up fighting to the death in my front yard! With all the chaos, Trotter was able to hone in on El Cráneo Negro, whose forces were divided and fighting for survival. At first El Cráneo had the upper hand, biting off one of Trotter's ears and gouging out an eye. Trotter fought back, though, flipping El Cráneo on his back and getting a good neck bite in. It was over after that. Trotter flopped over and stopped breathing, still clutching a chunk of El Cráneo's bloody neck in his mouth. Seemed like all the other dogs noticed and the fight started to die down. There are still a lot of wounded and dead left in the streets and yards. Hope animal control hurries up. They've been MIA during this whole goddamn spectacle.

R.I.P. Trotter. You saved the city!

A Doggone Shame
Posted by BiGDog [Read other reviews by BiGDog]
(5 Bones)

Heh. Hope everyone here is happy! A lot of good dogs died in this silly conflict. Normally -=BiGDOG=- would enjoy something like this, since it thins out all the mangy mutts and dumb dogs. Turns out every dog in town got in on the action, even the ones you'd never expect. Ramshackle, Kinski, Howler, His Mighty Hymn, and Lil Jupe joined the fight. Then of course there were surprise appearances by Patchwork, Potluck, Revolver, and Conglomerate, who is now in about fifteen different pieces in the Arby's parking lot.

This conflict turned out to be a lot like World War II. Everyone had to take a side and play a part. The -=BiGDOG=- was wrong: this was one fight too important to sit out.

One thing's for sure, with the old El Cráneo Negro-Vermin gang all dead or incapacitated and Trotter KIA, Senator is now top dog in town. Normally the -=BiGDOG=- would laugh at such a notion, but Senator has demonstrated remarkable growth and maturity these past few months. Though it's obvious he got that from Trotter, a far better mentor than Rusty.

Earned or not, Senator has a tough battle ahead with lots of worthy competition. Danger, Scar, and even Helmsman. The dog scene this summer is going to be more interesting than ever.

Of course Panzer would make short work of any of these dogs. Still top dog in my book -- now and forever! 'Nuff said!


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