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Name: Rusty
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Location: In and around Shaggy Butte
Rating: (1.5 out of 5 bones)
ePets: Rusty has been ePetted 3 times.

EDITOR'S REVIEW: Rusty is an interesting Golden Retriever. He's a bit of an odd one, and definitely a love-him-or-hate-him kind of dog. While I have had many good encounters with Rusty over the years, his personality can be kind of off-putting to some. He's very independent and has unusual dietary interests. Very standoffish, but warms up to you if you have patience and appreciate a dog with a sense of humor. Definitely has some hygiene issues though.

--BarkWire Senior Editor Chris Bluefield

User Reviews

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Overly Judgmental

Posted by jmartin12 [Read other reviews by jmartin12]
(1 Bone)

I encountered this dog tied to a bike rack outside of a nearby liquor store. He stared at me in a very scrutinizing manner as I chained up my bike, but gave me my personal space. Still, he made it seem like I was invading his space. I don't like taking crap from anyone, including dogs, so I told him to f*** off. He just grinned. Rusty has a superiority complex if you ask me.

Posted by JBruggo [Read other reviews by JBruggo]
(1/2 Bone)

Not in my book.

What can I say about Rusty? Oh, I know: DREADFUL. Less a dog and more of a menace, Rusty seems content to personify our greatest fears. With a specialty for violating social norms - even dog norms - his very nature paints an unsettling picture. I have a hard time believing that a beautiful town such as this could condone letting such a grotesque entity operate so freely. What Rusty is doing is peeling off the layers of civilization and showing us something we need not see. He is breaking down our rules and laws and we are letting him do it. Whether intentional or a side effect to some sort of mental disease, this dog needs to be stopped. I have tried repeatedly to organize a mob to deal with the problem posed by Rusty, but most people think I'm overreacting. He's just a dog, they say. He's not attacking anyone, they say. Well, when we do say enough is enough? His owner never answers the phone or the door and hasn't even begun to take responsibility for his pet. We as a community need to before his behavior spreads to others.

Posted by PawManiac [Read other reviews by PawManiac]
(5 Bones)

please e-mail GOD BLESS.

Posted by BiGDog [Read other reviews by BiGDog]
(1/2 Bone)

I'm no stranger to dog reviews. I was a premium member of before it closed down (it was great while it lasted, but the new moderators really turned it to shit with their politics), and I've written dozens of reviews here. Listen, I know a good dog when I see one. Rusty is far from a good dog. Aside from his numerous physical problems, he is psychologically unsound. He's not vicious or mean like some bad dogs, but just crazy. A dog like that has no business being here amongst other great dogs such as Robert, Whiskey, Hornmouth, Blog, and BiGDOG'S personal fave - Panzer.

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Posted by almam [Read other reviews by almam]
(1/2 Bone)

rusty is a v. horrible dog. i saw rusty carrying a baby doll in his mouth. i thought it was real baby but it was just a doll. it was still scary and i yelled at him and chased him. he dropped the doll and hobbled off dragging his leash behind him. rusty's owner should really do something about him he is not behaving well for a dog!!!

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