Blitz (chemical name unknown) is a designer drug peculiar to the New Chicago area. Reported effects include visual hallucinations, euphoria, dissociation, hysterical laughter and increased energy. Commonly-reported side effects include loss of memory, loss of motor skills and petty crime. Most users report trips from 8 to 12 hours. Blitz is currently not listed as a controlled substance in the USA.

Blitz Triplog - By shroomer, New Chicago USA

Just took some Blitz for the first time with my bro Shermdog and it was a real interesting trip. Shermdog scored a couple of doses from some crazy dude, and they weren't really what I expected... I'm used to smoking stuff, but Blitz is like this glowing green capsule that you inject into your neck. I was a little weirded out but it didn't hurt or anything.

Came up almost instantly with some cool visual trails and sort of a nervous energy. Felt like I might puke but didn't. After about 5 mins I was laughing at everything. Shermdog was supposed to be my sitter, but after he saw how good I was doing he took a dose too. We wanted to get out in the world and look at stuff, kinda like being on mushrooms. Everything was hilarious and seemed really beautiful and meaningful. At some point, Shermdog picked up a trash can and threw it through a store window, which is totally not like him cause he's usually real chill. We laughed and laughed, but in hindsight that's kinda messed up!

The trip lasted about seven hours, no real hangover. Definitely a weird and cool experience. Will try Blitz again. Recommended for experienced psychedelic users.


Blitz Triplog - By cheechboy, New Chicago, USA

this stuff is wild, i would compare it maybe to datura. you can definitely get up to some shit on this shit. i took two hits, which you have to shoot into your neck with this pressure thing, and then i was gone gone gone for 12 hours or more... during that time i guess i broke into an abandoned warehouse and built a wall of old TVs playing heavy metal music!!! what the eff dude. not a high for newcomers!!!


Blitz Triplog - By Phishphan, New Chicago, USA

Took my first hit of Blitz today. Felt great right away, no nausea as some others have reported. Colors were vivid and the world was a kaleidoscope. Lay in bed for what seemed like two hours listening to some tapes, but really it must have only been like ten minutes. I decided to go out for a walk, and I kind of dissociated from everything, like I left my body and I was watching from outside. It was a very intense trip but 100% positive until I kind of blacked out for a while and wasn't aware of myself. When I came around, I had like six purses with me that I guess I stole, so I had to spend the whole next day returning purses and apologizing to people. Definitely a street crime type of a trip.


Blitz Triplog - By tobymac442200, New Chicago, USA

did a hit of blitz and then spreay painted "GET BLITZED" and "HAIL THE PROPHET" on a brick wall in an alley for some reason! then ran around laughing and breaking out windows with a bunch of guys i didn't know. i know drugs arent supposed to make you do sutff you wouldn't do anyway, but i don't think i would do that... or maybe that's being hypnotized... anyway this stuff is f'd up. my friend said it's like salvia but it's WAY more intense!!!


Blitz Triplog - by WoolyMagick1969, New Chicago, USA

Wowzers! I'm just an old hippie who wants to try everything under the sun, but for the first time in my long life I can say this: Blitz is a young man's game! It was quite wonderful at first, a bit like a very light mushroom trip combined with some uppers. But once you break through that wall, oh boy. I was like a whole different person.

Lost myself for what must have been three hours, then came around to a real rude awakening: me and these three young guys I didn't even know were riding dirt bikes around this screaming topless woman in the middle of the street! The other fellas had flaming torches, but I had the poor woman's brassiere, which I was helicoptering above my head and whooping and hollering. I gave it back to her and apologized profusely, but she was very upset. In all my years of kicking down the doors of perception, this is the first time my high has ever been someone else's low. I've had good trips and bad trips and trips to the moon, I've seen the face of god on LSD and Matthew Lillard on DMT, but this is the first trip I've ever regretted. No more Blitz for this old furry freak brother!


Blitz Triplog - by Brewkowski, New Chicago, USA

Blitz is a real sleazy, real grimy high. Might have just been my surroundings though. Me and my friend went to pick some up, but apparently there's only one place in the city to get it. You gotta go out past the tracks on the North side to this old factory with lots of hanging chains and shit. There were tons of guys with guns all around. Super sketchy. We got it from the main guy, who called himself The Prophet. He was wearing all these crazy robes and shit, and he kept yelling about how the city was going to burn. It was intense. Ordinarily I wouldn't call out the name of a hookup, but this Prophet cat was like "tell them my name, tell them the city will burn" so fair enough. From what I can tell he's some kind of bigtime arsonist who used all his arson money to make new drugs.

But anyway! The Blitz high is super shady. You feel great at first, like doing some oxys and smoking weed, but then shit gets real dark and you just want to get out and make trouble. I don't even know what the fuck happened, but I nodded off and next thing I knew I was firing a military-grade rocket launcher at a flaming mannequin in the middle of the street and screaming with laughter. Uhhhhhhh hello? Earth to Brewkowski? Blitz is some messed up shit. I would avoid it unless you like making trouble.


Blitz Triplog - Cannibus_Manimal, New Chicago, USA

Def. not going to to Blitz again. I was curious cus the local news talks about it all the time and it sounds real crazy. It started out super cool, esp. since it was only like $4 a hit. Like shrooms kind of. I was pretty high but then I went outside and there were all these freaks setting barrels on fire and yelling and stuff. That messed up my buzz.

I started getting dizzy/confused and kind of went into a K-hole, and I found myself right in the middle of a big crowd of these weirdos, everyone had mohawks and stuff, and people were yelling and throwing bricks through windows. It was like Woodstock 99. The cops came to bust things up so I wanted to get the hell out of there. Maybe I was still tripping but I swear to god one of the cops was part robot. He threw a car at me. I was lucky I didnt get busted...


Blitz Triplog - THE PROPHET, New Chicago, USA



Blitz Triplog - wheatus420, New Chicago, USA

So this stuff is mad hard to score now, you probably saw all that crazy shit on the news where that robot cop pushed Prophet into a big vat of Blitz and he turned into a dinosaur and then blew up or whatever... crazy shit man. Anyway it was a real fun trip once I got my hands on some. Lot of flashing colors and some cool trails in my vision, euphoria, sense of higher meaning and all that shit. I felt the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. I don't remember going to bed, but when I woke up I had a bunch of wallets, so the trip paid for itself and then some... super cool


– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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