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Friday, July 7
  • Randolf von Flugel was arrested by officers and charged with the murder of Hilda Hippo following a year-long investigation led by Detective Sniff. The eccentric pilot emerged as a focus of the investigation two months after the murder when he tried to pawn off personal effects belonging to the deceased. In light of new evidence and a surprise witness coming forward, Judge Dog approved an arrest warrant. When police arrived to serve the warrant, von Flugel refused to exit the residence, threatening to shoot any intruders. He was coerced into surrendering by his lawyers, Catstein, Hogberg, and Lionbaum, who accompanied him downtown for booking. His biplane was also impounded.
  • Grocer Cat called police to report an incident of shoplifting in his store on the 1300 block of E. Hickory. Officers responding to the call found that Hannibal was hiding six apples inside his trunk. Hannibal confessed to taking the apples with intent to steal. Grocer Cat offered to drop the matter if Hannibal agreed to pay for the purloined apples and never return to his grocery store. Officers then gave Hannibal a stern warning against future theft. He promised not to forget their warning and was allowed to leave without further incident.
  • Officers carried out a raid in the East Tower of the Cranberry Heights Housing Project early this morning. Room to room searches yielded over 10 kilograms of cocaine and an estimated $25,000 in banded, manicured bills. Seven arrests were made, including six residents. Mr. Frumble was caught in the premises with cocaine on his person, though he claims he was merely attempting to recover his hat, which had blown off his head and into the window of one of the apartments. An officer was also injured when his holstered weapon misfired. He was taken to Busytown Hospital and treated with several band-aids and released.
  • Officer investigated 1282 W. Alligator in response to neighborhood complaints of "foul odors." Officer found the homeowner, Mr. Wolverine, hanging from a noose in the garage. Mrs. Wolverine and their son Ralph Wolverine were also found dead of apparent asphyxiation. A formal investigation and toxicology reports are pending, though signs of rabies were evident.
  • Detective Sniff and officers responded to a call from the Bunny household, following reports that Lily Bunny, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bunny, was missing. The parents reported that the daughter had just participated in a beauty contest the day before in front of thousands and was relaxing in her bedroom. When they went to check on her, she was nowhere to be found. Officers put out an APB and initiated a city-wide search. Mr. Bunny is offering $100,000 for any information leading to the safe recovery of Lily.
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