"I'm been gnawing on this bone for hours. What the hell am I doing with my life?"
- Seaborne

"Look at me. I'm dry and it's raining. I'm some real big shit over here. Get a load of me."
- Anchovy

"Today's the day I finally roll around in that mud puddle I've been eying all week. The anticipation is killing me."
- Showroom

"I will devour this world and swim in a sea of my own vomit."
- Livermore

"Please remove this infernal thing so I can chew my rump ragged."
- Coroner

"Your whole world is my toilet."
- Destiny

"No, thank you. Not right now."
- Bewilderer

"Lights! Camera! Me!"
- Action

"Don't eat the biscuit. Don't do it. Don't give them the satisfaction."
- Scud

"Every smell overwhelming, every sound deafening, every inch of me itches."
- Javelin

"But I'm not a good dog. You have no idea what I've truly done."
- Surefire

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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