"Look at how far I can put my head out the window! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Loo--"

- Despot

"A lifetime of chasing cars, and what should finally catch me? O, cruel irony!"

- Marcel DuChomp

"Let's roll."

- Hank

"My one regret is that I never caught a gopher. Oh, and my other regret is that you cut my testicles off."

- Ticks

[Sings Star Wars cantina music]

- Garth

"Even now I curse the day-- and yet, I think, few come within the compass of my curse-- wherein I did not some notorious ill, as bite a man, or else devise his biting; ravage a leg, or plot the way to do it; accuse some cat and forswear myself... Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things, as willingly as one would kill a fly, and nothing grieves me heartily indeed but that I cannot do ten thousand more."

- Ferox

"Et tu, Spunky?"

- Romper

And now, as you finally offer me all the biscuits and people food you have deprived me of these long years, I find I have no taste for such things. Please leave me to die alone.

- Tornado

"I'm not playing this time!"

- Bawdy

"Embrace me, Dog Jesus! I'm ready for your kingdom!"

- John 1:14

"Suspect is fleeing north on foot. I did what I can. See this through. Don't let him get away."

- Officer Welsh, K9 Unit

"Jingle your keys, old boy. Just once more for a dying friend. Let the sound I loved so well sing me to my rest."

- Bathos

– Dr. David Thorpe and Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Arr)

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