From: David Plouffe

To: David Thorpe

Subj: We're almost there

Loyal voter,

We’ve come a long way. They said it couldn’t be done: a person won the presidency. He was, and is, Barack Obama.

This November, we rallied under the common banner of hope and change and a belief in a better America, and we accomplished what Washington lobbyists called impossible: we won. And on January 20th, Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be sworn in as Presidents of the United States, and a Vice President.


We’ve come a long way, but what if it’s not over? What if they decide to have another election between now and the inauguration? We’re the best-oiled campaign ever to run a White House attempt, but we’re not all-seeing. We would be completely effing blindsided.

They would catch us by surprise and they would outspend us tenfold -- we spent all our money getting elected. Maybe we need a “bailout.” That’s a little joke, but with a kernel of truth.

The idea of another election -- it freaked ourselves out just now. We’re on the home stretch, and we owe it all to you -- now we just need that one push over the finish line.

Please donate today. We won, and we can win again, and we can keep winning until January 20th, no matter how many elections they throw at us. Now That’s What I Call Change. Volume Twenty.

And speaking of the element of surprise -- if we startle you into it, maybe you’ll stop whDONATE NOW HEY!!!

Thank you,


David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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