From: Barack Obama

To: David Thorpe

Subj: How we did it

My friend --

We did it. It has happened.

We just made history. Because of you, personally. We did this. When I say "we" I mean "you."

Every single day, you donated, you knocked on doors, and you got your neighborhood involved. You walked the streets for money. You put on the red light.

Our journey has been historic, and in the past few months we have accomplished something extraordinary: history. The months and years to come will not be easy, but with your continuing support and contributions we will continue to make history, more history than has ever been made in history.

Thank you,


From: David Plouffe

To: David Thorpe

Subj: We need your help

Esteemed supporter --

Change is coming to America.

A month ago, on Election Day, together, we built history.

We don’t know when this change will happen, but we do know this: change will happen right away, immediately. But we can’t do it alone.

Show your support for our movement with this Obama lond. This lond is durable and safe -- share it with a loved one to commemorate this moment in history.

Your donation will support the Democratic National Committee, which supported our movement most nobly for the past two years but now has some trouble with debt, the kind of trouble it can’t tell the police about.
Get a big fantastic lond now with your donation of $40 or more:

If you order by December 19th, we will put a free hopper of bearings in your lond.

Thank you for your continued support,

Obama for America

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