Fact-checking Hogan and Savage

We are always trying to stay atop the facts underlying the rivalries consuming the WWF, and no rivalry has been more fascinating than the clash of personalities between Hulk Hogan and Randy "Macho Man" Savage. In the lead up to Wrestlemania V, Savage and Hogan have issued a series of statements, both direct-to-camera during talk-ups and during interviews with "Mean Gene" Okerlund, that are contentious and sometimes contradictory.

Here's what we've posted so far.

Wrestlers "Macho Man" Savage (left) and Hulk Hogan (right) trade barbs and accusations in the days leading up to Wrestlemania V.
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Macho Man
Claims Hogan was after Elizabeth from the beginning of the Mega Powers alliance based on comments Hogan made calling Elizabeth "[his] lady."
Literally Hogan's words, but intended as a show of respect.
Hulk Hogan
Accuses Macho Man of turning on Hogan and Elizabeth in Milwaukee and effectively ending the Mega Powers team.

Savage, believing himself betrayed, ruined the Mega Powers alliance.
Hulk Hogan
Claims he wants Elizabeth to be his manager and wants nothing more.

Requested a hug from Miss Elizabeth at the Silverdome, but it was seemingly non-erotic.
Macho Man
Accuses Hogan of stealing his glory at Summer Slam by interfering in a one vs. tag match with the Conquistadors.

Hogan charged the ring to prevent a sneak attack on Savage, but then proceeded to share equally in the glory.
Hulk Hogan
Blames Savage's paranoia and hotheadedness for the dissolution of the Mega Powers alliance.

Actually caused by an incredible series of sitcom-like misunderstandings.

Macho Man
Accuses Hogan of stupidity for his plan to use Miss Elizabeth to distract their opponents by taking off her skirt and revealing a tiny, yellow bikini.

Hogan's plan was idiotic.
Hulk Hogan
Attributes the "bikini plot" jointly to Macho Man and states it was necessary to extricate their team from a "dangerous situation" with the Mega Bucks at Summer Slam.

Savage repeatedly "Ohh yeahed" during the formulation of the bikini plot.
Macho Man
Claims Hogan will tremble when he looks into [Savage's] eyes at Wrestlemania, because Savage knows Hogan's strengths and weaknesses.

Hulk Hogan has no weaknesses.

Whatever your views on the two competitors, you can rest assured it will all be settled November 6th at Wrestlemania V.

In addition to rating the veracity of promos from the world's greatest pro-wrestlers, Politifact has also written a science fiction novel.

– Politifact Team (@sexyfacts4u)

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