You might have noticed the little keywords that appear on every movie you look up on things like "female nudity" or "father son relationship." You may also have noticed that you can search and sort movies by these keywords, helping you find every single movie to ever feature "male frontal nudity." However, many people don't realize just how versatile IMDB's keyword system really is. It's actually possible to sort by multiple keywords at the same time, letting you find exactly the right movie for your mood with to an incredible degree of accuracy. To illustrate, I've looked up some authentic examples of real keyword pairings...

For example, let's say you're looking for a movie that bravely confronts some of the childhood traumas that shaped you into the person you are today:

Or perhaps you're looking for some lighter fantasist fare to help you live out your ideal Tuesday night without having to get off your couch:

If you're feeling saucy, you can even find a movie that features the fantasy that turns you on the most-- whatever it is, it surely must exist somewhere.

You can also sort by genres-- maybe you know you want to see a comedy, but your peculiar sense of humor requires some extremely specific elements to tickle your funny bone:

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