Sup peeplez

helped vernon k. armstrong with some experiments today here is a surpise they sucked as much as everything else he had a bunch of pumpkins growing sideways or something and a tank full of fish that were round i dunno it was gayer than saturn even

pretty much i just looked at shit on a microscope and counted how many dots there were on some sort of cell and he got all excited when one of them didnt have any dots and started ranting and raving about leukemia or something i guess thats good cuz mikhail yerlov and burgundy poth have some weird thyroid problem which is super SUPER gross because they keep pukin and shittin blood in the space crapper which in zero gravity u can magine is a mess

neways i guess a spa e pumpkin cures cancer so whoopty doo



Sup peeplez

were 100 days out from saturn so i thought i should write something for my blog and let vrybopdy know whats goin on

pretty much nothin theres space everywhere and a bunch of dickheads on my spaceship

oh yeah mikhial yurilv died and burgundy is n a coma with "INOPERLBL TUMORS" or somthing venon k. armstrong is in charge hes better than yurilev but he thinks he cant pilot the ship in the gravity storms or something about gravity wells or somethign.

so well see how that goes WATEVER not 2 worried cuz crashin would bee 2 cool for this piece of crap mission

to celberate his promioton i got super wasted on fermented pickls and then totally made out with pixiee which vernon k. armstrong go t all mad about and then he said

u cant get drunk off pickls but I WAS it was hotttt



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