The lyrics from early drafts appear in italics.

[The song opens with tough German talking]

Nihilistic Mystics
Apostolic Alcoholics
Messianic Manics
Hispanic Mechanics
Misandristic Women Gamers
Atavistic Female Tamers
Libertarian Bitcoin Teens
Plantation Party Paula Deans
Pornographic Sonic Artists
Genderfluid Twitter Marxists
Alley-ooping Maltese Groomers
Necromancer Baby Boomers
Concentric Lampreys
Depilated Technogays
Independent Co-defendants
Introspective Leopards
Vindicated F-words
Unheroic Grownups
Piña Coladic Throwups
Pamper-swapping Diaper Dinos
Sonic Sexing Nanowrimos
Cybernetic Merkins
Kosher Vlasic Gherkins
Histrionic Mommy Bloggers
Ululating Outlaw Loggers
Microscopic Mannequins
Alysonic Hannigans
Schizophrenic Roto-Rooters
Electromagnetic Rascal Scooters
Played on keyboards and computers

In the age of Sonic Hedgehog
Hype and justified hype
Celebrate relentlessness
Menace to society

Sonic Hedgehog is our inspiration
Speed our trade
Rings and springen
Speed our mental state

Mesmerizing festering
Intended for the faint of heart
Cultish and anthemic
Until death do us part

Like a sloppy chili dog
Dripping chili on all you whores
Razor-sharp tongue-in-cheek
Poking in your open sores

A hedgehog in Robotnik's clothing
The ultimate disgrace
Wrapped up as a gift of god
Exploding in your face

This is counter culture from the underground
Eternal revolution this is our sound
KMFDM better than everyone excluding Sonic Hedgehog who is best
Megalomanical and harder than the rest

[More tough German talking, probably about Sonic Hedgehog]

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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