Thousands of camwhores ran aground after the flow of disposable nerd income was diverted hereJust last week, Internet superstar Ron Paul's campaign was dealt a crippling blow by the discovery of copies of the congressman's personal newsletter, which aside from confusion as to whether Dr. Paul himself wrote or not, seems to show a different side of Ron than the lovable little guy we're used to. The newsletters in question are packed with racism, homophobia, basically what I like to call "uncle-speech". (For those without uncles, just imagine you tricked a middle-aged man into ordering a "large mulatto" at Starbucks, and then imagine the drive home.)

Even now, days after the major media commotion has calmed down, the Internet's bravest warriors are still waging war through chatrooms, blogs, forums, and Youtube videos. The battle is a passionate, bitter one-- some shouting "told you so" in new and exciting ways, while others strike back with talking points as they try to fight off their own brain from warning them that they may have donated a quarter of their last paycheck to what most would call "a bad dude". Whether or not Ron Paul actually wrote this racism diary with his name all over it in 120 pt font remains to be seen, but it doesn't really matter because there is no end in sight as far as nerd rage is concerned.

Throughout the shuffle, one thing folks don't seem to be paying much attention to is the newsletters themselves. Dr. Paul has described them as being taken "out of context", which pretty much begs the average person to give them a look. So, without further delay, and because I am basically a manchild who only saved the ones with fun fonts or pictures, are select pages from the Ron Paul Political Report:

Click here for a printable version

Click here for a printable version

Click here for a printable version

Click here for a printable version

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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